Mudar India Exports has very stringent rules to match the Buyer's quality standards. Oils we deal are all of very sensitive to climatic exposures and we protect them very carefully till it reaches our Buyer every time.

  • Complete removal of moisture.
  • Crystal clear oil by Filtering.
  • Protection from atmosphere by Nitrogen Gas.
  • Storing at Friendly atmosphere.

  • New Epoxy Coated MS Drums.
  • Palletize all the drums.
  • Stretch wraps all the drums.
  • Nitrogen gas replaces air gap in the drum. (On Demand)

  • Oil from every drum under go testing.
  • Samples from every drum is preserved.
  • Tests are all under our supervision.

Record of every drum of oil from which farmer and from which farm it has been generated. With all the relevant care we assure the best quality products from our farms.