Processing Unit

We have started our manufacturing activity at our Processing Unit in Surat Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) since 01 Nov 2004. We have long-leased a constructed building in SSEZ.

SSEZ is located 260 KM / 160 miles from Mumbai Port and is centrally located in India. SSEZ is in SACHIN, Surat, Gujarat State, an Industrial Area. We have established the facilities for Oil like Filtering, Drying (De-Hydration) and Packing.

We are modernizing the facilities at SSEZ from 2006 by installing fully automatic and high quality yielding machinery to perform our operations quickly and effectively.

Mint Oils produced at our Mint Project would be transported to SSEZ and Filtered to make very clear and clean oil. We use Filter Cartridges of 1 micron for filtering the oils so that any small particles come with the oil from the fields would be Filtered.

Drying / De-Hydration
We Dry (De-Hydrate) the oil by using Anhydrous Sodium Sulphate to make free from even small percentage of moisture. We are De-Hydrating the oil simultaneously with the Filtering. De-Hydrated and Filtered oil would be transferred to the tank for mechanical blending.

Mint Oils differs in chemistry from farm to farm. The major constituents, Mentha Furon and L-Menthol varies depending on the Soil Condition, Age of the plant, Number of irrigations, Temperature at the time of Harvesting, and so on….

Natural Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita Oil) just distilled at the project will have Mentha Furon ranging from 1.0 - 19% and L-Menthol from 24.5 - 40.0%. It is necessary to meet the specifications of our clients by blending the mint oils from different fields to bring the chemistry to an acceptable range.

We get GLC for each and every sample of produced by all the farmers. We blend mint oils from different fields to make uniform chemistry. We see that the blended oil gives Mentha Furon from 3.0 - 4.0% and L-Menthol from 31 - 33%. This blending will takes place by using a stirrer in a SS tank of 1080 KG capacity. We get every 1080 KG of oil with uniform chemistry.

Natural Corn Mint Oil (Mentha Arvensis Oil) just distilled at the project will have L-Menthol from 60 - 75%. It is necessary to blend the oil, as explained above for Peppermint Oil, to get uniform chemistry and to have L-Menthol from 70 - 72%.

We use Epoxy Coated MS Drums for packing the Oils. We take care even in Epoxy Coating to cover even small hair-width gaps at the joint of the Drum.

We pack the oil in to the 180 KG Epoxy Coated MS Drums and Palletize the Drums at SSEZ. In case of necessity, We also take care in preventing the Drums/Oil from the atmospheric air by replacing air with Nitrogen Gas and Stretch wrapping the drums.

Packed Oils are shipped to Mumbai Port to ship to reach our Overseas Clients.

We even consider any standards given by our clients in processing, packing, or transporting the Oils.